Viewing wordpress on xampp from static ip

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Viewing wordpress on xampp from static ip

Postby graphtech » 17. January 2014 18:53

Hi , i have been asking this question all over the internet but no one has the answers anywhere, i have installed xampp locally on my computer , and installed wordpress on it no problem , and i wanted to show my clients their work , so i purchased a static ip address , i did the ip forwarding in my router for ports 80 and 443 and the my sql port as well , and when i try to view the wordpress site from the internet using my static ip i can see it but non of the pictures are showing , and when i try to open the control panel for wordpress the (wp-admin) page i get a weird IIs error 404 when my IIs is disabled on my computer , i don't know how to do that so that it's done right , how to install locally but yet be able to view and work from the internet via static ip ,
This is a screenshot of the wp-admin error i'm getting (
Can anyone help please...
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Re: Viewing wordpress on xampp from static ip

Postby Altrea » 17. January 2014 20:54


XAMPP is not configured or supported for live, production or public accessible environments.
(one of) Your issue(s) is a wordpress configuration issue which we can not support either.
Why your IIS is responsing while it is deactivated i don't know.

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