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Postby stevenazari » 04. August 2004 00:55

ok Im trying to use PHP-nuke on my web host, its running under php 4 as it isnt php 5 compliant yet. but Im running into SQL problems that shouldnt be happening?

it wont save certain details to the tables and everybody that had this problem now works fine apart from me and I think it could be xampp thats the problem,

I think it could be xampp because we did every possible way of resolving the matter, even creating our own SQL table set and still no luck, we analysed the php and sql together with a script and returned fine. but I still get the annoyance.

the error is that it will not save an administrator into the "administrators" table, but will save users in the "User" table

Im completely baffled by it all... anyone had this problem?
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