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Apache and IIS

PostPosted: 11. January 2014 20:33
by Jaykappy
I have XAMPP installed on a windows 8 64 box.
I have a running test website. I am interested in utilizing IIS as well. For testing.
As it sits XAMPP is running on port 80, 443
If I install/activate IIS it defaults to port 80 thus creating issues.
Can I change the defined port for XAMPP to something else where when I activate IIS I don't have port issues?

Or would it be better to simply change the port IIS is referencing instead...if I do this after XAMPP is running and I activate IIS will there be other problems....I dont care what port each is running only that I can run both for testing.

Thanks...sorry if vague...still learning here. Not looking to move away from XAMPP but doing what I can to lean and sometimes that results in these types of issues.


Re: Apache and IIS

PostPosted: 11. January 2014 21:19
by JJ_Tagy
Do you need both running at exactly the same time? If not, I would not change any ports. If so, then yes you can change default ports.

Re: Apache and IIS

PostPosted: 12. January 2014 15:51
by Jaykappy
Didnt think of what your saying is I can keep both at port 80 but simply stop the service that I am not using at that time...THANKS