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XAMPP redirect to :8080

PostPosted: 18. December 2013 05:58
by jaultop
i create a website and put prestashop file to htdocs folder

when i open http://localhost/prestashop/index.php its fine BUT when i want to open admin area http://localhost/prestashop/admin its Unable to connect

error : Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at localhost:8080.

i use : XAMPP 1.7.4 [PHP: 5.3.5] run on Windows 8 pro


#Listen [::]:80
Listen 80
# If your host doesn't have a registered DNS name, enter its IP address here.
ServerName localhost


# localhost name resolution is handled within DNS itself.
# localhost localhost

Re: XAMPP redirect to :8080

PostPosted: 18. December 2013 11:21
by Nobbie
That is not a Xampp Problem, that is a problem of prestashop (or your own mistake).

You either installed prestashop and provided a wrong port number (8080) instead of 80, or you copied an existing installation which was running on port 8080. Unfortutenately you give no hints about that. Maybe this thread helps you: ... efault-80/

If it does not help, you should ask there anyway.