Trouble configuring FileZilla Server with xampp

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Trouble configuring FileZilla Server with xampp

Postby » 09. December 2013 14:03

When I installed xampp I unchecked FileZilla as I thought it was the FTP client. Now that I have installed FileZilla Server in the xampp folder under the directory "c:\\xampp/FileZillaFTP/FileZilla Server", I can't manage to configure it properly. I've edited the xampp config file and changed the FileZilla Enable Modules value to 1 and in the Binary changed it from filezillaserver.exe to filezilla server.exe however everytime I launch xampp the config file is reset. In the control panel itself the Filezilla buttons are still unusable. my localhost status page says that it is active but when I try to access it through the Filezilla FTP Client it says the connection is establish before it times out again after waiting for the welcome message. I'm sure I'm missing something. Is there another file I need to edit which prevents the xampp config from resetting? I'm pulling my hair out!
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