Recovering phpMyAdmin root password

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Recovering phpMyAdmin root password

Postby shane-lew » 02. December 2013 06:37


I have a dilemma here. I am attempting to log on to phpMyAdmin using "cookie" authentication. However, the problem is, the password did not auto-fill for me (probably because I reset the computer in the mean time), and the password doesn't appear to be a typical one that I'd normally use.

Is it possible to recover the "root" superuser password by looking in the files? I attempted to change the authentication type in the "" file and log on that way, but there is another reference I am missing because it is refusing the connection altogether when it fetches the username and password for "root". I also attempted to reset the root password, but that didn't work either. Also, "pma" superuser, doesn't seem to be working either (which has no password). Any ideas on where I can find directions on how to recover the root password with cookie authentication? I'm stuck.

Sorry for posting such an elementary question.
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