Getting http://localhosthttp://localhost.....

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Getting http://localhosthttp://localhost.....

Postby mindful1 » 02. August 2004 03:17

In phpMyadmin I am getting http://localhosthttp://localhost ... When I edit the url to http://localhost/.... it works. How can I fix it so I do not get the duplicate in the url?

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Postby Bugman » 02. August 2004 11:24


TO be honest, i have no idea. I have the folder and just drop it into one of the local domain folders i am using and off it goes!

I suggest you ask over on the phpmyadmin site

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Try This

Postby USS-Prometheus » 17. September 2004 08:50

In the first excuse my english. :(

I had the same problem and i found in the Xampp FAQ under ... artlang=de
this :
in the config.ini.php by the line 39 you must find $cfg['PmaAbsolutUrl']=''; if in the '' nothing then write in http://localhost/phpmyadmin.

On my Computers it Works.:D

I hope this helps You. :)
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