Transfering problems

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Transfering problems

Postby z2yzx » 15. November 2013 01:01

Hi Everyone,

I recently upgraded my computers OS (windows 7 to windows 8). I was working on XAMPP creating a wordpress and before I formated I saved everything.

I have the original xampp folder but when I installed a new xampp on the new computer I ran into some problems.

for instance when i navigate to "localhost/wordpress" it acts as though the previous "wordpress" folder is band new and doesn't have any information that I worked on before the upgrade.

Please help and thank you.

p.s. also phpmyadmin is messed up and says access denied.
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Re: Transfering problems

Postby Altrea » 15. November 2013 05:56


Please tell us all steps you have done to backup and restore your XAMPP environment.

Best wishes,
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