Problems with Xampp and the use of Wordpress

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Problems with Xampp and the use of Wordpress

Postby SeyeCole » 31. October 2013 18:49


I am new to WordPress but I am catching up swiftly. I have installed Xampp and WordPress locally as well and I have everything set up. My dashboard, plug-ins, themes and all. Now I have been able to successfully build a website. However, there is a major challenge.

I discovered that I am not able to start a new Website afresh without having to tamper or truncate the existing website. Let me elucidate my point; I use eclipse to write Java programs, amongst the menu items in eclipse is a menu that gives the user the ability to start a new project while retaining the previous one. Another menu gives the user the ability to open the previously saved project.

My Big question here is: How can I start a new Website afresh using my existing dashboard without having to tamper with the website I just created? I saw an option to import and export but on exporting, it saves the entire project with an XML extension.

I want to guess that you understand my challenge. Please support me with this one.

I will be anticipating your kind reply.

Kind Regards,
Seye Cole.
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