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Postby yonscun_lie » 31. July 2004 05:42

Hi, I just download new XAMPP basic installer yesterday (version 1.4.5)

I try to Install it on C:\XAMPP (instead default c:\apachefriends\xampp). But after installation I found XAMPP is installed on c:\xampp\xampp not c:\xampp as I intended.

So solve this I move all files on c:\xampp\xampp to c:\xampp, problem appear when I try to execute setup_xampp.bat (to refersh config), My Windows Me (Millenium Edition) give an error message "OUT OF ENVIRONMENT SPACE"

I try to execute setup_xampp.bat via my MSDOS prompt (I type "setup_~1.bat" because MSDOS doesn't support long names). The batch script now half work. It's say : press 1 to refresh now, but after I press 1 nothing is happen. I think there are some problem with the /install/install.php file, because MSDOS prompt say "press any key to continue" (this means the script has finished its process, not waiting user input).

I solved this problem by modifying intall.php, now it's will not waiting user input but Always refresh all values every time it's running.

But out of Environment space is annoying me :(.

My computer spec :
Windows me
No IIS/PWS running
NO Antivirus ( I have uninstall it)
No Firewall (never installed)
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Postby yonscun_lie » 02. August 2004 04:56

:cry: XAMPP developer please help me......
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Guess just reinstall it correctly...

Postby chanio » 26. August 2004 07:14

:lol: Don't think that you are the only one with troubles.
I guess that you should uninstall all and re-install it without mentioning xampp. Good luck!
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Postby yonscun_lie » 26. August 2004 10:10

OK chanio, if uninstall and reinstall XAMPP will solve the problem I will never post this question here. :?:

I have try to install it on windows 2000, XP, ME, 98 and got the same problem. :?

So currently I downgrade to XAMPP 1.4.2. Yeah this package is old but good. 8) :roll:

But may be in 1-3 days I will try 1.4.6 (hopefully stronger, faster, and better armored) :D
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Out of Environment Space - Possible Solution

Postby midnight_five » 10. May 2005 02:59

I had the same problem - running setup_xampp.bat opened up a dos box containing the message "Out of Environment Space".

Not that it should make any difference, but I'm running Win98SE and XAMPP 1.4.13 installed using the EXE 7 zip

The following article from Microsoft solved my problem:


The solution is super-easy to implement and takes about 2 minutes (system reboot required to let the changes take effect). It requires only a one-line change to config.sys.

Basically the problem is with DOS not XAMPP so the solution should work on any Win OS.

Hope this helps and good luck!

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