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PostPosted: 30. July 2004 19:35
by rich1000
Anyone know how to get this to work with XAMPP under Windows?

PostPosted: 31. July 2004 15:14
by Bugman
It should be working automatically when you install Xampp


Get "Fatal error: Class 'mysqli' not found in ..."

PostPosted: 01. August 2004 01:53
by rich1000
When I issue statement:
"new mysqli (,,,)"

Or when I call "mysqli_connect()" I get call to undefined function.

Is there something extra I need to do to access mysqli or to install it?

PostPosted: 01. August 2004 15:19
by Bugman

You need to make sure that you have connected to the database before you start any calls to it or querying it.

To check if mysql is running (and its without the i !) start xmapp and then look to make sure mysql is running (xmapp brings up a internet explorere screen and if you go through it, there is somewhere you can check)

If you unsure how to connect to the database, have a look at the many helpful places on the internet which can lead you through it.


MySQL is running

PostPosted: 01. August 2004 17:01
by rich1000
The MySQL server is running and the PHP MySQL interface works just fine.

The problem I am having is getting the PHP MySQLi interface working.


PostPosted: 01. August 2004 22:39
by Bugman

MySQLi (that i is not a type)

PostPosted: 01. August 2004 22:49
by rich1000
Please only respond regarding MySQLi

I have no problem with the standard PHP MySQL interface.

Please only respond if you have successfully used MySQLi


PostPosted: 02. August 2004 11:25
by Bugman
Do apologise, never realised they where two seperate products.

Good luck


PostPosted: 16. September 2005 06:36
by MySchizoBuddy
So no one got mysqli working.

PostPosted: 16. September 2005 08:07
by Wiedmann