Commercial Distribution

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Commercial Distribution

Postby RealAlex » 16. October 2013 23:12

Hello everyone,

I apologize in advance if I'm posting in the wrong section, I couldn't find a more appropriate English one. I'm developing an open-source commercial application. The source will be distributed with my program and will also be available on request.

My application will require a web server and mySQL so I thought of XAMPP. I've read the licenses that apply and have come to the conclusion that I'm in my right to do this (since it's open source). But one question that I was not entirely sure of: can I distribute the XAMPP executable with my source code? Or can I only ask the user to download it himself? If I can distribute it, can my installer execute the XAMPP installer? Or must the user execute it himself?

Thank you for your time.

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Re: Commercial Distribution

Postby Nobbie » 18. October 2013 10:35

RealAlex wrote:My application will require a web server and mySQL so I thought of XAMPP.

I am not sure if Xampp fits to your application, because Xampp is designed for local development. Xampp delivers Apache, MySQL etc., but is preconfigured "as open as possible" for developers. It is not meant for production environment on public servers (it is by far to unsafe).
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