lost all my tables -- HELP

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lost all my tables -- HELP

Postby tcloud » 11. October 2013 00:07

Running XAMPP 1.8.3 on Windows 7 64 bit Pro, all working okay until I added a database and a new user this morning.

Set up new database with one table in it and then tried to set up a new user. mySQL crashed and would not restart. Error log had something about tables it couldn't access:

I searched on-line for help and found that I could delete mysql\data\ibdata1 and could then restart mySQL, but I still couldn't create a new user.

I copied up all the mysql\data tables to another drive and tried some more recommendations, which included deleting some of the tables, but none worked, so I restored the table files.

I followed these instructions to mysql.ini:
Restoring MySQL InnoDB Files on Windows

I don't know when the tables were lost, but phpMyAdmin now reports that the tables do not exist -- but the table files are still in the mysql\data\ folder and they are unchanged from when they were working.

** I have a backup of the entire XAMPP install before all of this began, when things were working well. I compared the backup to what is currently in the data directory and the files are identical.

I ran
mysql > show databases

... the only databases that showed were information_schema and test.

Help. How do I get mySQL to recognize the tables? ... I can live without creating new users, but it would be nice if I could do that as well (this is a local test install and users aren't important to me).


below my reference so I can remember what I looked at:
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Re: lost all my tables -- HELP

Postby Altrea » 11. October 2013 04:01

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Re: lost all my tables -- HELP

Postby tcloud » 11. October 2013 11:44

That article is about not being able to create users ?

My install worked fine until this morning. I created a test database last month and have been using it with no problems. All of the table files are identical to the way the were when I last backed them up (a couple of weeks ago).

phpMyAdmin shows a message "Table .... doesn't exist"

Please tell me how to get mySQL to see the tables again.

I tried the
... and nothing happens, no result.

I went to http://localhost/security/index.php and set a root password and then I ran the resetroot.bat (no logic to this, it's just what I did), but everything is the same -- still can't access tables that I know existed.

Is it because I've been deleting the ibdata1 and ibdata_log files?

Is there any way to have mySQL re-initialize its indexes to my tables?
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