Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to localhost

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Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to localhost

Postby chapht » 02. October 2013 06:36

After successfully installed xampp (1.8.3), Netbean IDE (7.3.1) and WordPress (3.6.1), it ran great without any problems…

After couple of days to run WordPress, I got, “Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to localhost”. Even I attempted with the following commands, I got the same error message as before…

• http://localhost, or http://localpost:8080 (even with original[color=#FF0000] port #: 80 for Apache Server)
• http://localhost/xampp,
• http://localhost/phpmyadmin,
• http://localhost/Tee/wp_admim
• And etc-etc…[/color]

Why clicking on XAMPP Control Panel V3.2.1 via icon in the "Start > All Programs" on Windows 7 Ultimate Edition, it runs successfully???? The results shown at below:

Initializing Control Panel
3:13:57 PM [main] Windows Version: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 32-bit
3:13:57 PM [main] XAMPP Version: 1.8.3
3:13:57 PM [main] Control Panel Version: 3.2.1 [ Compiled: May 7th 2013 ]
3:13:57 PM [main] Running with Administrator rights - good!
3:13:57 PM [main] XAMPP Installation Directory: "c:\xampp\"
3:13:57 PM [main] Checking for prerequisites
3:14:21 PM [main] All prerequisites found
3:14:21 PM [main] Initializing Modules
3:14:21 PM [main] Starting Check-Timer
3:14:21 PM [main] Control Panel Ready

Attempting to reinstall WordPress into the newly created folder, C:\xampp\htdocs/Tee/WordPress, and left the original/ previously installed WordPress folder intact as shown, C:\xampp\htdocs/Tee/, after successful extracting, I got nothing prompted as it should be a “Welcome Installing Page of WordPress…”.

When I clicked on Admin button on the XAMPP Control Panel V3.2.1, it failed and prompted nothing as it shouldn't. In fact, It should prompt me with XAMPP Pages with all relevant information and Toools, such as phpMyAdmin for database creation, and other information...
What went wrong? Please suggest and share with me… Thanks
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