Switching PHP Versions

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Switching PHP Versions

Postby Psybadek » 29. July 2004 05:27

I have the newest version of XAMPP, and at the moment, im using PHP 5, how do I switch it to php 4.3.8?
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Postby Bugman » 30. July 2004 01:24

Try uninstalling php 5 and reinstalling the version 4

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Postby potatosalad » 30. July 2004 02:46

ehh, how about running php-switch.bat under the xampp directory. it backs up your php5 files and copies the php4.3.8 files in.
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Postby Ringer » 14. August 2004 22:06

Im havin trouble usin the switch bat..

it keeps sayin that apache is still running..

all services are shut down and I even removed xampp and on a fresh install it told me apache was running..

am I missing something/?
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Postby MXB » 15. November 2004 19:43

I've had the same problem :: The script kept telling me that Apache was running, even though it was not. Do you have a firewall running? Even if it is not "enabled" it may still be handling or checking port 80. Make sure you turn these off. This was the case with me - Norton Internet Security was checking port 80. I stopped that and the php-switch worked fine.

The process to switch PHP versions checks to see if anything is handling port 80 (like Apache), tho' I guess it doesn't go to far into what is doing it...
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