My pc can connect to website, no one else can, not even 127?

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My pc can connect to website, no one else can, not even 127?

Postby Veneno » 24. August 2013 23:08

Hey I was wondering if someone could help me as I kinda got stuck... I set up a forum on our dedicated server, using xampp, and I am able to connect to the forums from my pc, but I can not connect to them from the dedicated server, nor can anyone else access the forums, using the same link as I am,it is an IPB forum, I have disabled the firewall, and basically disabled any and all security, I even disabled cloudflare, any ideas?

Additional Details
The website is on a dedicated server, port forwarding is not necessary, it was working before, for everyone, but, let me put it this way, my home PC, which is not the dedicated server, can connect to the website, but the dedicated server can not connect to the website locally, neither can anyone else, I am the only one
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