Can't get beyond - Let me try again

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Can't get beyond - Let me try again

Postby tfmurphhk » 24. August 2013 15:47

I just installed XAMPP and then Exported/Imported my Database and my Config file.. and after some effort I believe I have them right.

The problem is that if I go to I can see my blog... without any theme however, just text

If I go to localhost/wordpress I get an "Ooops Google Chrome can't find localhost"

Additionally, when I go thru the route.. All I can get is the blog front page.. but can't click to anything (get the Ooops Chrome page) nor can I login using either wp-admin or wp-login.php.

I feel I am so close to having my blog running on my PC (so I can do some major overhauls) yet so far ... I'm betting it's a simple setting somewhere... but of course the simplest things are the hardest to find.

Any help would be muchly appreciated!

Tom :)
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