PHP 5.0 Major Bug

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PHP 5.0 Major Bug

Postby potatosalad » 20. July 2004 00:36

If anyone has had any problems with PHP 5 final and the $_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_USER'] variable, there's a simple solution. In the next few days or so, they will be releasing PHP 5.0.1 (or hopefully they will), but until then, you can get the snapshot of 5.0.1 from

The bug can mess up phpMyAdmin and many other programs that require user authentification. In my case, Apache kept shutting down every time I went to a page that requested $_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_USER'].

For more information on the bug:

For latest CVS snapshot:

For the latest Win32 binaries:

I have it up and running on my server: and as you can see, it says PHP 5.0.1-dev. Hopefully in the next few days they'll release an official build. That was a pretty darn big bug for them to "miss." Something must have gone wrong during the build or something. They should have caught this earlier.
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Postby steed » 26. July 2004 17:11


I guess you continued to have a problem with 5.0.1? It seems you have gone back to 4.3.8 on a Win32 system.

Could you explain any difficulties you may have had and how to do that safely with XAMPP?

Reason: My PHPBB will not run due to an authorization problem with MySQL4... :cry:
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PHP 5 stuff

Postby potatosalad » 30. July 2004 02:37

Yeah, PHP 5 is just a pain on my system. It will work for certain scripts perfectly (and quickly) and on others it crashes the entire Apache service. The problem seems to always lie somewhere in the Zend Optimizer thing, which is what the error message is always pointing to. I tried out 5.01, but had problems with interacting with MySQL so I just reverted to 4.3.8. I haven't had any problems so far, but I still don't like Zend Optimizer as much as I liked Turck MMCache. I've seen a few builds of the DLLs out there, but I wanted to make sure they were built right so I built some of my own. They're available at if anybody's interested. Hope this helps.
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Zend Optimizer DLL error

Postby insight » 03. August 2004 10:57

I got the same error (as PS) when running the install script for MAMBO CMS using PHP 5 - Apache crashed out. When using PHP 4 it worked fine - Are there any solutions ? :cry:
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Postby warrensomebody » 08. August 2004 03:57


I'm having this problem too (trying to run mambo). I grabbed the latest Win32 binaries, but exactly how do I install them in my xampp distribution?

I tried moving my old php directory aside, and using the new one instead (also replacing the php.exe in the apache/bin dir), but it was missing browscap and other things. Copying them over still didn't seem to work. (Now xampp's status page says mysql isn't running?!)

Any help would be appreciated,

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Installing Mambo on an XAMPP Installation

Postby insight » 08. August 2004 11:12


The way I got it to work when having a similar problem was using PHP 4
The way I did this was to -

1. remove all traces off the first XAMPP install using system restore point. If you have to do this manually then I would use all the uninstall options you can and check the services running on the PC to insure that MYSQL is not present.

Once you are back to a clean state (no mean feat if like me you tried installing bit manually (i.e. mysql)

***While I managed this on my laptop, my other XP PC - I just can not get to work it complains about:
"[Sun Aug 08 11:00:41 2004] [notice] Disabled use of AcceptEx() WinSock2 API (OS 10048)Only one usage of each socket address (protocol/network address/port) is normally permitted. : make_sock: could not bind to address no listening sockets available, shutting down Unable to open logs"
Unfortunately, I can not use system restore on this PC as I have made to many other changes that I need to keep. I tried removing all the apache /mysql reference from the registry etc but I think I have screwed it up even more.

Assuming that you have managed to remove all previous installs -

2. re-install xampp in to for example C:\xampp - run the install batch files and see that its working -

3. then use php-switch.bat to change to PHP 4.

4. Copy Mambo install in the a directory off the HTDOCs - then before runing the application - e.g. c:\xampp\htdocs\mambo

5. create a database for mambo e.g, mambo (keep a reference of the user name and password)

*don't remove any of the directories yet

6. Run up xampp if its not running already and go to the install page for mambo e.g. http://localhost/mambo - then install away...
interestingly once installed and working - I tried going back to PHP 5 (it just crashes out..)

-- this is not an ideal solution but hopefully it will get you up and running :roll:
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