Import Database error - "DEFAULT CHARSET"

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Import Database error - "DEFAULT CHARSET"

Postby shack » 19. July 2004 22:49

Can someone please tell me why when I export my datbase from XAMPP Phpmyadmin and run the SQL into a live PHPmyAdmin I keep getting an error message saying error in SQL line... blah blah.

The line that keeps messing it up is:


I've messed about with it loads and got it working when I took out the DEFAULT CHARSET=Latin1 part of it, but how can i change it in XMAPP so it works? Without having to manually delete it everytime?
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different version of phpmyadmin

Postby potatosalad » 20. July 2004 00:40

is the live version of phpmyadmin a different version from your version? is the mysql version different on the live version? i've exported from xampp phpmyadmin and had to modify the code a little to be able to import it on another site.
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