A little Skimpy on the PERL?

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A little Skimpy on the PERL?

Postby SoylentGreens » 17. July 2004 09:47

I'm having trouble with the PERL portion of the program. Am I correct to assume that XAMPP comes with just the perl executable and NO modules? That's too bad because I really need them. I'm guessing my best solution would be to reinstall ActivePerl (www.activeperl.com). I'd rather do that than download modules one-by-one and go through the horror of installing them manually. I'm going to set the directory as /usr/bin/perl for obvious reasons, so is there anything I need to do to XAMPP so the PERL exe that comes with it doesn't conflict with the new exe?

Thanks for any help/suggestions. Buy the way, XAMPP is GREAT. It really is a dream come true.
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I've been through that...

Postby chanio » 23. July 2004 06:54

I once tried to merge AP's with XAMPP's. Don't do it!
Just forget that you have XAMPP's perl, and use ActivePerl's.
:idea: When you program with Perl in Windows you don't use /usr/bin/perl ,
You should say something like the following (as SheBang and use lib)...
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#!C:\perl\bin\perl.exe -w

use lib ('D:\xampp\perl\lib','D:\xampp\perl\site\lib');
use strict;

:idea: Then you cover all what you have, by using your favourite perl (AP's) shebang.
I have Xampp installed at D: as well as my cgi-bin but all the scripts use the C:\perl\bin\perl.exe shebang.-
Remember that modperl speeds up nearly 10 times your scripts.
I am planning to pass all my scripts into modperl.

:idea: You should constantly upgrade your AP's library forgetting XAMPP's one.
That is the only way of upgrading Xampp regularly and not loosing your precious PMs.

:idea: Well, unless you find out how to build ActivePerl's famous 'bundles' with your collection of modules.
After doing that, don't forget to publish here your recipie ;)
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Postby SoylentGreens » 23. July 2004 07:11

Thanks, I figured that's what I should do.

Not that it matters, but I have to use the /usr/bin/perl path because my local server is just a testing server. All scripts then get uploaded to pair.com's UNIX servers. This saves me from having to change the script every time I upload it. So I just created a 'usr' directory on my C: drive and installed AP there. Everything works perfectly.

I will check into the AP 'bundles' and get back to you. :?
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Postby casa3311 » 26. June 2005 04:14

If none of the modules are included, then it makes sense to me why I can get a simple perl script to run, but as soon as I try to use DBI, I get an error.

I spend most of my time converting PHP/mySQL apps to Perl/mySQL or visa versa. I thought it would be a whole lot easier to do on my desktop before uploading to the live server. I've been developing PHP/mySQL that way for a while now but decided to add Perl to the mix just recently. I just don't have the time to figure out how to load everything I need from scratch and it what order. However, to get exactly what I want, I might just have to figure it out.

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