hey, i'm new and i really dont know what i'm doing

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hey, i'm new and i really dont know what i'm doing

Postby omniscen » 16. July 2004 18:26

i just installed the package, but i really don't know how to do anything. I need like a dummy's tutorial. I really need help (obviously).
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Postby the4man » 20. July 2004 03:11

I'm really new to all of this as well but you really need to know *what* you want to accomplish before you can decide *how* you want to do it and what it will take.

You're going to have to learn the basics of each of the apps: Apache, PHP and MySQL and then learn how they work together before you can figure out how you want to use them.

I'm just really stoked that XAMMP has configured itself in minutes what I couldn't figure out in about 15 hours of trial and error on my own.

But for me, I already know that I want to use these resources for a Realtor's site and I want to have a registration system with user authentication, and office e-mail notification when a user looks at a specific property listed in the database. So at least I can start applying what I learn in tutorials to what I ultimately need to do for my client and then ask the right questions in a variety of forums.

Maybe this will steer you in the right direction!

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Postby omniscen » 21. July 2004 00:41

i know what i want to accomplish, but right now i want to find out how to work with the database. The manuals are a little confusing at times, but i'm trying.
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server-client = apache-you

Postby chanio » 23. July 2004 07:42

All applications do the same as your server. But the server is said to serve, because it doesn't stop until you stop your system. It is allways waiting to serve the client (you). Serve what?
You need to teach the server what to wait and what to answer when it finds what is expected.
If you build an html form and you then fill it in, the server should read it and process it. That is, get all the data and save it in a database, or use it to get more info from some stored file. This process is called cgi programming, because to do all these, it needs to access some files outside from the server's area.
There is a /cgi-bin directory that stores all those perl scripts (for example).
Perl is the basic tool for programming such scripts. Since it has been like this from the very begining of cgi scripting, you should look for some perl programming basics, to understand all the server working.
Look at Sam's quick leasons. They do a great job!
After knowing Perl, you'll be able to understand all that stuf of server-client and data persistence (not loosing your data between every html page that you pass). Then, learning PHP would be a charm! You'll find everything just done for you. You won't need to use the /cgi-bin directory to store the scripts. Etc.-etc.
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