Apache 'Service Specific Error: 1'

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Apache 'Service Specific Error: 1'

Postby kirito » 20. August 2013 05:01

Hey everyone, I've used XAMPP on many other machines with older versions without any issues but when I go and install the latest version and try and start apache I get an error saying that it stopped unexpectedly so Idid some digging and got a returned error of the following:

Service Specific Error: 1

What do I do about this? I've gone and allowed port 80 on my firewall with windows and with bitdefender. Any other suggestions?
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Re: Apache 'Service Specific Error: 1'

Postby JJ_Tagy » 20. August 2013 11:49

That's all you have after digging? Not very descriptive. What are the entire control panel messages? Are you installing on top of an older version? New installation on new machine? etc, etc.
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