The Missing Images on Apache Problem Solved

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Postby DragonFire » 27. October 2004 21:36

Ok. Not my fix. I have these set already. And, sometimes the images load and sometimes not.
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Postby JusticeIsDead » 28. October 2004 04:09

yeah ive been waiting for 2 days to get this problem resolved, ive even been on apache's forums and they give me the same fix listed here, im guessing that nobody knows whats going on, im thinking about reinstalling with an older version, but from all the posts i have read about this it seems it may not help, i just need this up and gonig asap.
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Postby Bugman » 23. August 2005 15:48

Still got the same problem?

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I have this probem unsolved (getting mad, angry, etc)

Postby Vicente » 20. November 2005 06:11

i did what you say:

under ### Section 2: 'Main' server configuration

i write the 2 lines:

#EnableSendfile Off
#EnableMMAP Off


EnableSendfile Off
EnableMMAP Off


EnableSendfile On
EnableMMAP On

any of this solutions resolve the problem

my httpd.conf file looks like this:

ExtendedStatus On

### Section 2: 'Main' server configuration
EnableSendfile On
EnableMMAP On
# The directives...

im getting angry with this thing.....nothing seems to resolve this problem

does anyone knows how to resolve it exactly step by step?

or put a file that works on the net to download and make the things easier for everyone

i´ve installed succesfuly Mambo, PHP Nuke, Calendarix, PHPbb but xampp can´t display the images of those scripts on both localhost or by http: and https:
Salu2 !
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