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Postby Hjalmar » 11. July 2004 23:41

Hi all,

i have the newest versions of all.

I installed it, works fine at 20 minutes...

Then he says that the Apache HTTD is crashed...

Restarted, but the crash still comes back..

What to do about this?

Computer stats:

Windows XP
2200+ AMD
512MB memory.
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Postby caranicola » 16. July 2004 00:48

I do have the same problem!..

And I dont know what to do ... realy...I tried all the commands to start apache.
I heard that this worked to for somebody but not for me!...

I would be better to have a ENGLISH LANGUAGE XAMPP FORUM!

There are a lot of people that dont know german..
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crash information

Postby potatosalad » 19. July 2004 17:14

got any information about the crashes? debugger information, what module or library made it crash and stuff like that. I had a similar problem when there was something wrong with my php libraries.
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