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Regarding Videos

Postby ricland » 11. July 2004 18:07

I'm a little confused...

I placed a 25mg Quicktime movie in htdocs and it played fine from my computer, but people who access the file publically have to wait for the 25 megs to download to their computer, right?

And this file is compressed.

Yet, I go to some sites with files just as large and the movies play automatically. Also, these movies have the same extension -- "mov" so I don't think they're streaming either.

Finally, my movie was saved in Quicktime's "progressive download" scheme which is supposed to start playing while it downloads. Yet, again, this wasn't the case when the file was accessed publically.

How do I fix this?
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Postby free69 » 16. July 2004 14:02

Well, I think you need to put movie files into your webserver exactly.
For example, wav, avi, mov, mpg files are similar to data files which run after completely downloaded to user's machine, however, asf, wma, wmv, ra.rm files so called streaming files run automatically from starting download.

Therefore, you need to install Windows Media Encoder in order to convert multi media files to streaming files, and you can get it from Microsoft Download Site.

You may get more hints from below, if you have 5.1 channel speakers.
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Postby the4man » 20. July 2004 03:46

Actually, I think there is an option when you encode the Quicktime file that determines when it starts playing. Like after 25% has downloaded, it starts to play while the rest of the file is still downloading. You have to tweak it so that it *appears* to stream. Play it too early and it will stop when it gets to the point where it's still downloading. Wait too long for it to load and it bores your viewers and doesn't appear to be streaming.

AFAIK, Quicktime doesn't stream like Windows Media, but you don't need a streaming server technology (reads spend more money) to deliver the video this way.

Check whatever application you used to encode the video and see if you can't configure it for progressive download and play.
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