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Does Digital Phone Modem throw off IP Address?

PostPosted: 10. July 2004 14:37
by ricland

Somehow an IP address other than the one I see in local area connection is being generated by the dns client I've installed. This is preventing people from getting to my machine. I've a cable connection using winxp. My digital phone modem feeds into the cable modem. Is this digital phone modem generating its own IP address? Something is.


PostPosted: 11. July 2004 19:54
by Routeruser
Most probably your local IP and the public one (Internet) are not the same.
Normally your public Internet IP changes everytime you connect to your isp.
So maybe you see the LAN IP and the tool shows the public IP of your inet connection. You can check if whether the IP in your connection settings or the one the tool shows is correct by surfing to this site:
It shows the IP Adress of your Computer which is seen by other internet-users.