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Apache / PHP upgrade

PostPosted: 07. July 2004 22:26
by jdonoso

I had apache friends 1.3 a few weeks back.
I stopped all services, uninstalled the services (apache & mysql) and then deleted the folder (which by then was located at c:\xampp).

Now I installed, a week or so ago, version 1.4.3 on a differente folder, c:\apachefriends\xampp\ (default), my previous version was pointing its Root Folder to d:\Mis webs (it's a secondary drive, not a cd-rom). The new version, when installed, was setup to use the default httdocs folder (c:\apachefriends\xampp\httdocs).

However, when I run apache, there is a conflict on it, which makes it try to open the web folders that were located on the d: drive (d:\Mis webs) instead of the current location.

I tried uninstalling/installing and nothing. Also, when I put the web folders in the previous location, to test it, it loads fine, except that doesn't load all the images.

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