XAMPP doesn't work at the 2nd time, like at the first !

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XAMPP doesn't work at the 2nd time, like at the first !

Postby Gigi3351 » 14. August 2013 17:58

I've installed XAMPP Windows 1.8.3 with Bitnami installer on vista 64bits allways updated.
Xampp was well intalled in C:\xamp : apache and mysql worked likely as services. The UAC was on, but avast antivirus was tured off.
After that, I installed BitNami module WordPress, and it worked also likely... I've changed my theme, changed text... all was perfect.
After closing WordPress and XAMPP module, after a reboot, when I open XAMPP module, for the second time, neither Apache , nor mysql, don't works as services and i cannot turn on theese 2 programs on services.
What happens ? Could somebody help me for that ?
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