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Xampp For Windows

Postby spudly1987 » 14. August 2013 16:16

Yes i am new to this program and need some assistance,

I have xampp version 1.8.2 for windows 8

i created my .html and .php files however i am not sure on how to work this program to get the files to display properly
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Re: Xampp For Windows

Postby xamppuser982 » 14. August 2013 22:53

Try adding the files to C:\xampp\htdocs. This should be your root directory that the Apache HTTP server is configured for.

Once you have files there, you can test that your server is running by opening your browser and pointing it to http://localhost

If that doesn't work, check what port Apache is configured to run on and try going to http://localhost:[PORT NUMBER]
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