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MySQL is doing strange things...

PostPosted: 02. July 2004 08:23
by Terje
I have started Apache and MySQL, but in the status in WAMPP it says "MySQL-database -> Deactivated" .

And when i enter myphpadmin the site is flashing. It shows well with the demo-databases that was innstalled with this serverprogram, but when I try to open my shopdatabase it seems to be standing on "page-refresh", or something like that.
The page is blinking all the time, and can load from 1-5 tables, and starts over again. After a while I get the page-error "Can't display page".

I think this is causing all the problems I have with this server.

I have a shop-script and a phpBB2-forum scripts. none of them are working proper on this server. The sripts are used on an external server, and are working great there.

What can cause this in the serverscript?

I run this on:
Windows XP Home
128kb RAM
10Gb HDD (master)
200Gb HDD (slave)

PostPosted: 03. July 2004 00:34
by free69
Hmmmm, it is very interesting.
I think you can do this.

1. test and run mysql if it is normal independently.
2. if myql is okay, your problem is just a phpmyadmin.
3. most of phpmyadmin trouble results from replace it with good one.
4. Re-install

For ur ref, I have similar error like you and have MySQL-Datenbank DEAKTIVIERT, all the time but everything is normal..
Nobody responds the matter.

PostPosted: 03. July 2004 18:29
by Terje
Well.. Now everything has crashed... :roll:
I'll try to format my HDD and reinstall everything all over again :?

PostPosted: 03. July 2004 20:10
by Terje
The problem is only with one database. The rest is working normal.
But with Apachemonitor, it says that no Apache is running. But it has to run so I can view the sites right? On my own computer (in the browser)?

PostPosted: 04. July 2004 11:58
by free69
I think you need not format and just overwriting is okay.

PostPosted: 04. July 2004 13:49
by Terje
I have overwritten everything now, and downloaded xampp again.

If I have understand everything all I have to do now is:

    Change the document-root (Done! it's now C:\apachefriends\www).
    Click the "setup_xampp"
    Click the "xampp_start"
    Click the "apache_start"
    Click the "mysql_start"

And now everything should run perfectly right?

PostPosted: 05. July 2004 16:12
by free69
I think you are definitely wrong!

I recommend to install on D or E drive, instead of OS drive, though Xampp do not touch windows registry.

If you have only C drive, you'll need partition setup before installation
I installed it on D:\xampp\... and changed minor scripts of 8 files or so.