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Own web server

PostPosted: 01. July 2004 09:39
by dom15

I am currently using xampp as a testing server on my computer, but I would like to get my own webserver up and running.

Can I do this with XAMPP?

Does anybody know any good links to get me started?


PostPosted: 01. July 2004 10:32
by free69
I recommend you to use domain forwarding service.
Then, change httpd.conf/serverName + others.

PostPosted: 01. July 2004 12:25
by quickimaster
i advise you to use a dns server. it is possible to do this for free.
can someone help me? i was trying to make a forum, but it can't connect. i use the newest version of XAMPP. what is possible wrong? i don't have an idea. it is on my pc (local), i use this pc if a webserver. when someone have an idea please tell me, at the forum is possible or pm me. i can read german, english and dutch. i speak english and dutch, if someone can explain it to me in one of these languages it would be nice.


PostPosted: 05. July 2004 16:21
by free69
You can choose free forums from phpBB and Splatt forums.

I used both but chosed splatt, for design is preferred to me.
This apachefriends forum is phpBB and you can see the latter at

PostPosted: 09. July 2004 10:34
by quickimaster
hey, i use phpBB2 but that can't connect to my database. it says the database is there but it can't connect to it, i did try other program's and that doesn't work as well. please give me an idea what i can try next, i do speak dutch and english, i can read german. please someone help me. it is not neccesary that it looks very nice at the moment, it only has to work.

gr. quickimaster