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Subversion support

PostPosted: 30. June 2004 13:28
by liqweed

Any chance the new XAMPP releases will include Subversion support?

Subversion is gradually replacing the aging CVS version control protocol, and looks like a very promising project. Still, it requires some Apache conf tweaking to use it well which makes it's installation not that trivial. This would be an EXCELLENT addon to a XAMPP installation, it's right there in the neighbourhood... :D

Re: Subversion support

PostPosted: 20. July 2004 10:41
by maletin
liqweed wrote:Any chance the new XAMPP releases will include Subversion support?

sounds like you can install the desired modules by yourself: ... 2881#20203
or he doesn't use xaamp, but apache directly.

PostPosted: 20. July 2004 12:22
by liqweed
Can't read German, sorry. Would you care to tranlate for me the essence of what was said in that forum?

I know that the possibility to install Subversion on an Apache server exists, and that is why i suggested it could make a good addition to XAMPP distribution. I tried installing it and it was a tedious and error-prone process I'm sure most users would love to avoid. The installation documents are very skimp and leave much unexplained or not detailed.

PostPosted: 21. October 2004 12:52
by maletin
pio_youth wrote, he got it running with this help: ... /ch03.html

we have now apache 2.0.52 and webdav-support?
but nobody get subversion installed, because web is missing?