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PostPosted: 27. June 2004 22:59
by Mase
Ive recently installed version 1.4.3 of xampp on Windows XP. I noticed that it has OpenSSL 0.9.7c support. I have been writing a PHP script that uses the fsockopen command to make an external connection over a secure socket 443. I have read the manual and according to it, if I want to make an SSL connection with OpenSSL, then all i need to do is add "SSL://" infront of the address I am connecting to. This works fine on my web hosts server who has an earlier version of OpenSSL installed yet in xampp I keep getting the error "Warning: fsockopen(): no SSL support in this build...". I am just wondering whether I have totaly over looked something or there is something I need to do to get this function to work in xampp.

I would be greatful for any help,