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Localhost over my network

PostPosted: 27. June 2004 01:30
by snobba
I have installed XAMPP on my other computer through the network and I have some questions about this:

#1. Is it alright to install to a harddrive on the network? I mean, my php.ini file and stuff gets on my workstation c:/..But it seams to work because it is starting php and mysql.

#2 And now to the main problem! How do I reach the localhost through a network. Now it is looking locally. I do not use a proxy server just a NAT one. Can I do something like HTTP://computername/localhost or something???

Thankful for any help I could get in this matter!

Greetings from Snobba / Sweden

hi ho

PostPosted: 27. June 2004 14:01
by ajimaru
Can I do something like HTTP://computername/localhost or something???

no, because localhost is or the IP of ur PC.
localhost is not routet.
If u type this in ur Browser "HTTP://computername" or the IP of the Computer where the HTTP Server runs then u get the "start page" of this HTTP Server.

PostPosted: 27. June 2004 14:08
by snobba

So this means that I have to install XAMPP from the servercomputer? And not through the network like I have it now?

Because now it does not work with http://ipnumber or computername where the XAMPP are located. My mozilla says: 'The conncetion was refuse while connecting to 'my servers ip number''

Greetings from Snobba / Sweden

PostPosted: 27. June 2004 20:29
by MAGnUm
do you have firewall software on your server?

PostPosted: 27. June 2004 21:12
by snobba
Yes sir...But it should be totally open for the other computer..

But I maybe should try to install from the server-computer instead...

Greetings from Snobba / Sweden

PostPosted: 28. June 2004 13:05
by free69
Yeah, I don't know about it and tutorial is too poor.
So, I changed httpd.conf

ServerName :
Listen : 80
and other files in install + xampp