Replacing /usr/sbin/sendmail path in windows

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Replacing /usr/sbin/sendmail path in windows

Postby traffex » 20. June 2004 19:04


I installed XAMPP succesfully and everything is running just fine. Greate software kits by the way.

But i have still two question:

1 - What is the Path to php mail function in XAMPP? Comparable with
/usr/sbin/sendmail in Linux?

2 - I have a Perl script which uses Sendmail:

SENDMAIL, "|$sendmail -t";
print SENDMAIL $mailmsg;

How should i replace this? Since I don't have Sendmail with XAMPP?
Does it make sens if I just replace it with Mailto()? Or something like that?

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Postby daxim » 22. June 2004 20:17

That code snippet needs replacing. See XAMPP Perl ships with both Mail::Mailer and Net::SMTP. Use MercuryMail as mail transfer agent, also part of XAMPP.

I have also
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Di, 22.06.04 21:07 c:\>sendmail
Welcome to sendmail/NT, a mailer stub for Windows/NT and Windows/95.
(c) Nigel R. Ellis <> 1994 - 1995.

This version built on Jun  5 1995 at 14:56:11

Usage: SENDMAIL.EXE [-h localhostname] [-r smtphost] [-m transport]
          [-U MAPIUser] [-P MAPIPasswd]
           -t {ToList} -f From [-s Subject] -F File

   {ToList} is a space, comma or semi-colon delimited list of recipients
   Valid transports are XMAPI (allow edit before send), MAPI and SMTP
   Default transport is SMTP
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