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I have a few questions about xampp, I speak English

PostPosted: 17. June 2004 01:52
by ryanvh22
Well, I'm not sure I fully understand what the xampp software is. Does it turn my home computer into a server, allowing me to broadcast files over the internet.

My second problem is that I followed the guide and set up the files, but it says I can type "http//localhost" in my browser to veiw what is being hosted on my computer, but when I do that it says the page does not exist.

If you are knowledgable about this apache system for windows, and can understand and speak english, could you help me? :D

PostPosted: 17. June 2004 01:53
by ryanvh22
I'm experimenting with php right now, hopefully I can find out how to host that

PostPosted: 17. June 2004 01:54
by ryanvh22
Can anyone help?

PostPosted: 17. June 2004 01:55
by ryanvh22
no one? :roll:

... maybe there's an english forum I can find...

PostPosted: 17. June 2004 01:56
by ryanvh22
Gaia is working again, maybe someone there can help me

PostPosted: 17. June 2004 13:13
by frustrated
You're not very patient, are you?

Have you checked the rest of the forums for your problem? Maybe it's solved there (although I doubt it...)

xampp is a

PostPosted: 17. June 2004 22:14
by alexa
combination of Apache Server, PHP as scriptlanguage and mySql (database). With Apache on your local machine you simulate a server on your machine. When you locally browse to 'localhost', it is the same as if you browse for a site on internet.
xampp is just a software which put all the stuff (Apache PHP...) together and makes it easier for you to install the components. i guess, you should find a similar software in english. try

good luck

PostPosted: 23. June 2004 15:27
by sorcerer
how do you install it? with the installer or with the zip?

PostPosted: 23. June 2004 18:32
by alexa
i use minixampp (the small version, is not offered any more since may or so) which i installed by hand. pretty easy. look for an istruction file. i used foxserve once and that was even easier by using the installer.

PostPosted: 30. June 2004 01:45
by inwisconsin
The "installer" .exe is merely a compressed file that can decompress without the aid of any other apps. It exists for convienience and inexpensiveness.
(You don't have to own the decompression utility.)

This is no different than if you were to use another decompression utility such as WinZip or WinRAR to extract a file that you have received or compress a self-extracting archive that you wish to send. In this case or creating a self-extracting archive, you also would end up with an .exe.

The installation result is the same in both instances of .zip and .exe. If you choose the .zip then be sure to choose a top level directory, such as C:\ , D:\, or so on.

Hope that it helps.

In answer to the start of the thread...

PostPosted: 30. June 2004 01:51
by inwisconsin
PHP is a server-side scripting language that you can have running on your server. It uses an interpreter that must be running when your pages call to it. It is often usefull to have it connected with a database. This must also be running if your pages call any dynamic data to display.

First, see,, and if you wish to learn more about these options for developing on the web.

You won't see anything under http://localhost/ until at least apache is running, nor will you see more advanced web tech such as server-side scripting run until php is running and configured, etc.