Apache problem!!!!!

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Apache problem!!!!!

Postby Jeakillen » 13. June 2004 13:13

I have a apache problem, I've installed XAMPP and started everything.
But it won't work - It says Connection refused or whateva it is in english.
The main thing is, IT WONT WORK, help me or I kill you all with my machine gun!

King regards,
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Postby free69 » 14. June 2004 00:03

1. Open cmd prompt and check apache's syntax is okay like this, where apache is installed to D:\xampp\apache ;

D:\xampp\apache\bin>apache -t
If you get "syntax OK", you can run apache with :
Service Install : D:\xampp\apache\bin>apache -k install
Run : D:\xampp\apache\bin>apache -k start
Restart : D:\xampp\apache\bin>apache -k restart
Stop : D:\xampp\apache\bin>apache -k stop

2. If you have syntax error, with "apache -t", open apache\httpd.conf with script editor like ultraedit, and check the line mentioned on syntax error. I guess you should have wrong indications at "ServerRoot" "Listen(Port)", "ServerName" and "DocumentRoot".

3. If you get syntax error upon php, open "apache\bin\php.ini" and check "extension_dir = D:\xampp\php\extensions\" or others it quoted.

4. You need to check mysql installation also.
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