XAMPP Control Panel V3.2.1 Portable Alternative

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Would anyone be interested in tesing this with XAMPP Portable Lite 1.8.2 PHP 5.4

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XAMPP Control Panel V3.2.1 Portable Alternative

Postby codeuser » 24. July 2013 18:12

I have been using Xampp for a few years now and have noticed the portable edition seems to take a back seat to development.
So I have started a reconfiguration of the current Control panel 3.2.1 for just XAMPP Portable Lite 1.8.2 PHP 5.4 to reflect the
removed features/functions including the removal of Tomcat as well

I have completely removed all calls to the Features function listed below, Done a nice clean redesign of the .exe layout to reflect
only the portable version Added a new logo to reflect the version of Xampp being used

Features / Functions Removed
1. FileZillaFTP
2. MercuryMail
3. Tomcat

**** This is a unofficial version release not yet supported by Xampp *****

If interested cast your poll vote and I will monitor the response and provide a download link soon

here are a couple sample images of this in production working

More to follow

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