custom installer for windows

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custom installer for windows

Postby itry » 23. July 2013 13:52

Apologies if this is a repeat question. I am unable to read German.
I need pointers to either purchasing (or) building on my own:
A custom 1-click XAMPP installer. Must do all of the following with 1-click.

It must (i) read the system network interface ip-addresses, pick any one, and set the apache conf Server Name to this ip-address
(ii) include a custom html page
(iii) turn-off firewall, or modify access-control list or equivalent to allow all LAN accesses
(iv) enable, start apache module running automatically on install.
(v) perhaps display a pop-up displaying "successful install" at the end
XAMPP server topic is outside my domain expertise, hence I'd prefer to purchase this for a small fee. Are there companies that will be able to do this.

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