mercury mail- sending mail from a php script

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mercury mail- sending mail from a php script

Postby rhl » 05. June 2004 07:51

I cant seem to send mail from a php script. What do I have to change?

Can someone shed some light on what I have to do.

the message gets to mercury, but it dissapears and doesnt get to the addressee.

I just want a user to register and get an email to confirm they are registered

If I have to give more info post here please
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Postby MAGnUm » 08. June 2004 01:03

who are you sending mail to, some isp's block e-mail from dynamic ip's (AOL)
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Postby yonscun_lie » 15. June 2004 09:01

Hi I just wander how to use mercury mail on a LAN?
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