Problem with Facebook and cURL

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Problem with Facebook and cURL

Postby MrNick » 21. July 2013 10:29

Hello, so it's not a big secret, I have a problem. I've installed XAMPP version 1.8.2, believe that's the newest and I have written some script to get some information from facebook social graph, it supposed to use cURL extension to get data, namely facebook access token from the facebook server. The problem is that cURL gives an error 77. What was already done to solve the problem? First, I've checked if I can get any data via cURL from facebook, I can not, than I've checker if cURL is installed and enabled as lots of forums suggested. It is, version 7.30, I believe, also I've double checked if OpenSSL is installed, It is, Version 0.9.8y, than I've copied certificate from facebook [fb_ca_chain_bundle.crt] into my directory, my script was, still same error. So, my question is what else can be wrong, and how would I solve it?
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