I am so angry......

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I am so angry......

Postby free69 » 02. June 2004 06:19

For the past several days, I used all my email accounts to register but all of them were trouble,
as your mail function might be out of order.
I finally successful today and tell me the answer, P L E A S E !

The default path is xampp and when I tried to do on my own like D:/
it was impossible, and I installed as D:/xampp/xampp...
Later, I changed to D:/xampp/....

Accordingly, I had to change many scripts for deleting double xampps.
Then, I became confused about the paths.

2. SCRIPT calling install\start.html
Now I get this error message when I clicked "xampp_start.exe", or "setup_xampp.bat" : cannot find instal\start.html
Where is the script which calls install\start.html?

I am still angry until you inform the aboves.
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benutze zip archive

Postby BeateD » 02. June 2004 19:30


Ich hatte das gleiche Problem, dass ich als Installationspfad c:\ benutzen wollte und das install executable das nicht erlaubt hat. Ich habe dann einfach die ZIP version heruntergeladen und in c:\ uncompressed.

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Re: benutze zip archive

Postby free69 » 03. June 2004 04:12

Danke, BeateD
I had a very hard time to fix the matter and finally did it.
However, I don't know what was the matter but only know that it was related to the Path's set in apache/conf/httpd.conf and pear(?),
along with install folder and some files of xampp.
The error message was due to wrong link paths at the install/start.html.

I had to change them in order to link my PWS and still have a minor bug, which xampp/mysql_start.bat is not closed automatically.
Can you fix this matter?

Anyway, my PWS is linked here Image

I changed install path D:/XAMPP/xampp... to D:/xampp....
and don't know developper's deep intention to use double paths.
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