web pages/images do not display properly

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web pages/images do not display properly

Postby BeateD » 02. June 2004 00:52

I used minixampp for more than a year with no problems. So I recently upgraded to the most recent xampp distribution, and now I have trouble with all of my web pages.

I am using xampp in my development environment. The production environment is different. I am sure the html is correct as it displays fine on the production server.

A search through the forum revealed that there seems to be a problem with ZoneAlarm. I shut it down, but I still have problems. Note that I am only interested in the localhost.

If you have any suggestions (also for alternative web server software packages as I can NOT re-install the OS), let me know!

Thanks a lot,
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das ganze noch mal auf deutsch

Postby BeateD » 02. June 2004 19:28

Hallo alle zusammen:

Keine Antworten auf mein englisches posting, sorry. Ich habe inzwischen auch mal eine Suche auf 'Bilder' durchgefuehrt und da einige Hinweise erhalten, doch nichts, was mein Problem loest. Die naechst liegendste Loesung erschien zunaechst, anstelle von http einfach https zu verwenden, doch habe ich festgestellt, dass damit der web server immer langsamer wird, und mich schliesslich zu einem re-boot zwingt.

Ich denke, ich werde versuchen, Apache manuell zu installieren (brauche auch PHP und MySQL), bin aber eher nicht ein Experte in diesen Installiersachen (deswegen fand ich minixampp so toll und war sehr enttaeuscht, dass mit xampp auf einmal nichts mehr lief; jetzt ist leider meine minixampp version auch weg, leider schon geloescht). Koennt Ihr mir bitte sagen, welche Versionen von Apache, PHP und MySQL die Probleme mit fehlenden Bildern/unvollstaendigem text nicht haben?

Ich arbeite mit Win2000 workstation.

Vielen Dank!
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problem geloest

Postby BeateD » 03. June 2004 13:52

Hallo, alle zusammen:

Schreibe hier den thread ganz allein zusammen, doch wollte ich berichten, dass bei mir alles laeuft, yippeeh! Fuer die, die aehnliche Probleme haben, hier ist, was ich gemacht habe.

1. xampp ganz entfernen, auch den Eintrag im Control Panel unter Add/Remove software.

2. ZoneAlarm firewall software ganz entfernen, brauchte ich eh nicht mehr (doch glaube ich nicht, dass dies das Problem war).

3. xampp vom zip archive installieren (weil ich es gern im root directory installiert haben wollte, damit meine alten Pfade noch klappen).

4. Nach der Installation von xampp, die batch Datei setup_xampp.bat durchfuehren, so dumm das klingt, ich glaube, das habe ich vorher vergessen.

Nun klappt alles, Geschwindigkeit auch prima, keine Abstuerze mehr.

Bis dann,
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Postby MAGnUm » 08. June 2004 00:59

say what?
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similar problem, perhaps

Postby emg178 » 10. July 2004 19:54

I may be having the same problem, and have not found a solution for it. I have a recent version of xampp, and many of my pages do not show images correctly. The links are correct, and the files are fine. However, if I try to open some images in a browser, I get the message:
The image .... cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. If I view source and save, it is not the same as the image file on the server.

I use zone alarm, but and the problem came after I started messing with the zone alarm settings. Now, if I turn zone alarm off, I get the same results.
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Postby Wiedmann » 10. July 2004 20:00

if I turn zone alarm off

You must deinstall ZoneAlarm.
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Postby Maller » 12. July 2004 10:36

Im running xampp on my win2000 server with zone alarm pro installed and at highest security settings, and no problems....
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Postby Kristian Marcroft » 12. July 2004 10:38


ok so every Support question regarding ZoneAlarm and XAMPP will be forwarded to you?
Is that ok?

This is no joke!

So long
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Kristian Marcroft
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Postby Maller » 12. July 2004 10:46

lol your more then welcome to, tho i cant see how i should be able to provide support on it, as i dident configure it in any way to run together with xampp, it just does.
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Zone Alarm Problem

Postby aparsons » 13. July 2004 17:27

I have Zone Alarm installed on one of my systems. I no longer use it, but it is not uninstalled, I just don't start it up much anymore.

I installed XAMPP on two other systems, and it worked just fine. One is Windows 98, the other Windows XP Professional.

When I installed on my third system, Windows XP Professional (the only one with Zone Alarm), it would not work. Everything showed as "Deactivated" although Apache and PHP seemed to be fine. MySQL was definitely unreachable. It could be started, but not stopped, etc... Lots of strange things. PHPMyAdmin could not find MySQL, nor could any of the examples.

To fix this:
    Make sure XAMPP is not running. (check Windows Task Manager if you are not sure, you may need to shut down mysqld, etc)
    Start Zone Alarm
    Start XAMPP
    Grant Permission as needed

After that, you can shut down Zone Alarm and don't need to restart it each time.

The problem is that if Zone Alarm is installed but not running it will still block the new installation of MySQL, and probably other things, too. The solution is to START ZONE ALARM if it is installed but not running.
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Long Shot

Postby scrumpers » 13. July 2004 20:03

Try looking at the case of the image files I spent an hour before I worked out I had image.JPG and they didn't wrk putthe to image.jpg and worked fine
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Postby fishyghost » 30. March 2005 12:29

I use ZoneAlarm with Xampp and it works well not-so perfectly......

- It displays everything as active, so no problems there BUT

- PHPBBFM pages sometimes display an 404 page not found error
(i have used the php switch) and The phpbb support is enabled in the config file)

- Apache randomly reboots my pc, yes apache it says in the dump record

- when stopping the apache service a critical error receives

Sure this software is easy to install, but it doesnt keep going too well

Please help
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Postby keepsedge » 31. March 2005 17:28

i too have posted about images being displayed funny, but apache has never rebooted my pc. Then again ive never ran the server for more then an hour at a time. I use it only to test my php scripts before uploading.

in the apache httpd.conf i tried changing something in there about content (read the coments) to x-active-x/images, or something to that effect, but still no go, the nice artwork looks like hell andthen some.
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Postby prathapml » 01. April 2005 19:29

This has nothing to do with ZoneAlarm - I have set mine to High Security and still it all works.

This thing about images having a problem while displaying, is a known fixable bug - just try looking around this forum, it has been answered lot of times.
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Postby godsdead » 21. July 2007 13:11

Hey, there i have been running my version of XAMPP for about 6 months now with webpages rundering in 0.076 secs and then i installed zonealarms today and accepted all allowances.. and now they load at 5.116 secs !!! what the hell! im going to uninstall zonealarms see if it can fix the problems its caused me! Grrrr
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