Date Function Not working Can Any one help!

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Date Function Not working Can Any one help!

Postby » 27. May 2004 23:16

I began using your product 6 monthes ago and would like to say it is great! Thanks.

Here is what I have:
windows NT 4 with IIS 4.
I am using only the PHP 4 from the package now.

The Problem:
After developing and installing my site I attempted to execute the date() function and recieved The following error message; [quote]"Warning: date(): Unexpected error in E:\Inetpub\wwwroot\cacu\cgi-bin\checkout.php on line 118"[/quote] The code that I am using is [code]$today = date("l dS of F Y h:i:s A");[/code] for testing I simply hard coded a date. Yesterday I got back to the problem and retried the above line of code and it worked great. Then I resarted the system today. NEVER SHOULD HAVE DONE THAT!! now its back to the same above error message.

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Postby MAGnUm » 09. June 2004 01:01

upgrade to the latest wampp and restart?
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Date funtion not working

Postby » 09. June 2004 14:33

It appears I discovered the problem. for some reason when I restarted the server the date changed to September,12 2096. After correcting the date to current the date function works fine.
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Postby Wiedmann » 09. June 2004 14:50

You have a Problem with your hardware clock? Empty battery?

September,12 2096 is out of range for the date-function:

Install a software that set the time at boottime from a time-server.
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