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Two questions

PostPosted: 27. May 2004 08:35
by twente
I have installed XAMPP on a Win98 machine
default installation
unzipped XAMPP to C:
run the setup_xampp file
run the start_xampp file
open internet explorer and the webserver works...

1) SMTP is deactivated..
What do i need to do to get this activated ??
I have already changed SMTP in php.ini

2) Another thing is I have installed another tool that needs to write to the temp directory ".;C:\xampp\tmp"
That other webtool says that C:\xampp\tmp is not writable..
What can be the cause that this folder is not writable ???

Please,.. really need help with these two problems... :cry:

PostPosted: 28. May 2004 00:36
by MAGnUm
1st: you need a SMTP server, your isp's is fine

2nd: make sure that dir is physically there.

same problem

PostPosted: 29. May 2004 18:36
by x_casp
i'm having the same problem after installing xampp. i get the error "the connection was refused when attempting to contact localhost". is it that i have to instal IIS to get this to work?
here is some info:
machine: win2k
xampp is on a separate partion f:\XAMPP\xampp.
i have a netgear router and i have allowed port forwarding for http(prt. 80)

PostPosted: 08. June 2004 00:57
by MAGnUm
nope, you need a smtp server, like the on included w/ wampp