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Installation error / Instructions

PostPosted: 12. July 2013 23:27
by tank130
I can not find an installation tutorial on your site, but I did find one at phpBB located at:

This instruction appears to be written incorrectly.

When I follow the instruction I get this.

What confuses me with the instruction is it says, "From here, browse your computer to C:\xampp\htdocs. Create a new directory named phpbb. Copy the phpBB files to this directory. Next, open your browser and enter the URL in your browser:"

I do not have a folder named phpBB in that directory or anywhere else. The only folder similar to that is just called php
As well, my directory is D:\eir2forums\htdocs but I don;t think that should make a difference should it?

Running windows 7

BTW - why the heck can I not post images here?

Edit - installing as localhost

Re: Installation error / Instructions

PostPosted: 13. July 2013 21:44
by Nobbie
tank130 wrote:I do not have a folder named phpBB

Of course not, but why dont you understand your own post??

You posted

Create a new directory named phpbb

and unless you did not create a folder phpBB, you dont have a folder phpBB. Nothing easier than that - or not?!