Apache on Windows - httpd.conf or httpd-ssl.conf

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Apache on Windows - httpd.conf or httpd-ssl.conf

Postby Sir_Timbit » 10. July 2013 18:02

Hi there, I hope I have the right section. Simple question.

I'm adding an SSL certificate for Apache on Windows. There are two config files; httpd.conf and httpd-ssl, that have some similar information for adding SSL cert details. I'm not entirely certain which one I should be editing. From what I've been searching, it sounds like only one should be edited though. How would I determine which of the two config file Apache for Windows is reading? Would I just comment out the other config file with #, or is there some other step required to tell Apache to use one file over the other?

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Re: Apache on Windows - httpd.conf or httpd-ssl.conf

Postby hackattack142 » 15. July 2013 22:10


It should be reading both files. httpd.conf is the primary Apache config file. httpd-ssl.conf should be included at the bottom of httpd.conf.

You should set all your SSL/certificate information in httpd-ssl.conf.
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