Apache fails to recognize the custom vhosts upon autostart

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Apache fails to recognize the custom vhosts upon autostart

Postby and0r1995 » 07. July 2013 06:55


I've been having this issue for quite a while. I made some custom vhosts on my pc, and they work just fine. But when I restart/shotdown and start up my pc again, and apache starts, it dose not recognize them. I need to restart apache in order to work. Any idea why, or how could this be fixed?
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Re: Apache fails to recognize the custom vhosts upon autosta

Postby Nobbie » 07. July 2013 11:29

Maybe you started Apache as a service (when booting) and there are missing permissions for some certain actions or configuration details - possibly due to DocumentRoot with Driveletter which does not exist on boot time (but after login) or something similar, so that Apache dismiss that vhost.

And when you restart, the drive letter is established (if it is the driveletter - this is only a guess, but i think it is something like that) and then Apache can "see" the DocumentRoot and the Vhost is installed properly.

It would very helpfull if you show us your original Apache configuration and tell us, which vhosts fail. As well it might be helpfull to look into the error.log, if you can find any hint.
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