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Connection refused contracting Localhost

PostPosted: 19. May 2004 19:39
by KarrottoP
I installed XAMMP and after all was said and done it popped a page in my web browser. I clicked on the link for english and it told me that "Connection was refused when attempting to contact localhost" I would imagine I have a windows network setting somewhere protecting me from myself but I do not know, any insight would be greatly appreciated. Here is my info...

Windows XP
DHCP connection to LAN (may be the problem ?)

Thank you,

Fixed it

PostPosted: 19. May 2004 20:26
by KarrottoP
I figured out that I need IIS installed. Learn something new everyday. Thanks for your time. I just need to figure out how to not get it to load a page not found....but I am sure I have seen that posted here in the forum.


PostPosted: 20. May 2004 07:03
by yonscun_lie
Try This :
1. XAMPP is using apache so shut down your IIS
2. May be a firewall is blocking, configure it (XP has build in simple firewall)