How to use PHPmailer in xampp?

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How to use PHPmailer in xampp?

Postby CraftyMc » 20. June 2013 13:48

Hi, I am trying to use PHPmailer as xampp's default mailing service as I have been made aware that the current default 'mail()' function is rubbish.

This process is strictly for testing purposes only as I am using joomla and phpbb3 and wish to test the contact forms and direct emailing functions on phpbb3. After many hours and many failed attempts at trying to configure the default mail() function I was advised to use PHPmailer. I have set it up and everything is working, the mail is sent when I run a custom php script but the contact forms and email functions of phpbb3 still wont work as I believe it is still trying to use the current default mail(), my question is what settings do I change in the core xampp files perhaps 'php.ini' to make it use PHPmailer instead of mail()?
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